In June 2016, the Waves ICO was the second largest in cryptocurrency history, raising about 30,000 bitcoin which was equivalent to about $16 million in June 2016 and is now worth $24 million. It still stands as the 7th largest crowdfunded project in the world and is 3rd largest in cryptocurrency, only behind the DAO—$160 million—and Ethereum—$18 million. Today, Waves has been all but forgotten about by most of the cryptocurrency community. The current Waves price of $0.24 or 0.00031 BTC is just above its USD ICO price of $0.19 per Wave and is actually below its bitcoin ICO price which averaged 0.00035 BTC per Wave during the ICO.

Looking at the chart reproduced above, a recent local high can be seen when the price reached $0.39 in anticipation of the release of the full nodes. However, the price promptly retraced to nearly its pre–pump value which is roughly where it is now. Despite the lack of attention and press, Waves has made great strides in its development. In addition to an easy–to–use Chrome app lite client, Waves is now truly decentralized with a stable network of independent full nodes. Moreover, they have added token creation within their Chrome app lite client. This is incredibly easy to use, and anyone can create a token within literally 30 seconds. This is a simple yet powerful application of cryptocurrency technology that is underappreciated. The cryptocurrency community and outsiders continue to harp on how cryptocurrency has not found a good application; however it has been sitting right in front of us for over a year. Over $200 million was raised in ICOs this past year alone. For the first time ever, the public is able to invest like a venture capitalist. We are able to research a company and idea, and with cryptocurrency, invest with hopes of making a large profit from getting in on ground floor. This is currently one of the most impactful applications of cryptocurrency.

To date, most cryptocurrency startup companies have either started their own blockchain or utilized Ethereum's platform to distribute ICO tokens. This means that a startup company has to create a secure, reliable, and scalable blockchain, which is no easy task. Alternatively, if utilizing Ethereum's platform, the company must be competent enough with programming to utilize Ethereum's smart contracts to do this, which I think is overkill for simple token creation. Of note, Counterparty has also been utilized for token creation and received some fleeting attention with this application in their IndieSquare wallet; however, confirmation times are slow and the project lacks funding for a robust marketing campaign. For further reading on why token creation also known as "custom application tokens" or CATs are the next wave in cryptocurrency, please read the article I linked below.

Waves has made it their goal to make token creation and distribution as easy as possible. With the introduction of fiat gateways and a decentralized exchange only months away, I could see Waves becoming the most popular platform for token creation. They have an abundant amount of funding to make this possible. I foresee the Waves price going much higher over the next 3 months.